Batch process payment from customers financial institutions via Fedelta

Windcave Integration Overview

The integration of Windcave and Fedelta forms a seamless and robust alliance, redefining payment processing and point-of-sale (POS) capabilities for businesses.

By seamlessly merging Windcave’s advanced payment solutions with Fedelta’s comprehensive POS system, this integration empowers businesses to elevate customer experiences and streamline financial operations.

Real-time synchronization of payment data ensures secure and efficient transactions, where payments processed through Windcave are seamlessly integrated into the Fedelta POS, enabling accurate accounting and reporting.

Additionally, the integration offers a unified solution that optimizes payment workflows, enhances financial accuracy, and simplifies reconciliation processes.

The Windcave and Fedelta integration ultimately empowers businesses to offer a frictionless payment experience, reduce administrative complexity, and improve overall operational efficiency, thereby enabling them to focus more on delivering exceptional customer service and driving growth.


  • IN STORE PAYMENTS Windcave is the leading EFTPOS solution that integrates with most major point of sales systems.
  • TERMINAL SECURITY AND ENCRIPTION Windcave take security seriously, our range of EFTPOS terminal solutions have a tamper-resistant, tamper responsive design and digital end-to-end encryption technologies to protect sensitive cardholder data throughout the entire transaction


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