Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

A loyalty program that benefits both you and your customers

Fedelta’s customer loyalty program makes it easy to reward your best customers and encourage them to visit again soon.


  • Swipe, scan or search
    Identify your members by swiping a membership card, scanning a barcode, detecting an RFID tag, or searching at any POS terminal. The choice is yours!
  • Flexible reward schemes
    Design your dream loyalty scheme. Offer members a standard discount, or let them earn points to redeem on future purchases.
  • Pre-loaded credit
    Welcome your new members with pre-loaded credit as an incentive to join. Pre-loaded cards also make great gifts, and help members manage their spend.
  • Backoffice or POS sign up
    Sign up new members at any point-of-sale terminal in your venue, through Fedelta’s Backoffice module, or online.
  • Automated email or SMS
    Send new members a welcome message with everything they need to know, and send gift vouchers for birthdays and other special occasions.
  • Create bonuses and entitlements
    Go over and above traditional points-based reward schemes with limited-time offers available only to your members.
  • Customer portal
    Members can sign up, edit their contact details and check their point balances through your website, thanks to Fedelta’s web API.
  • Full customer history
    Give your staff full visibility of your members’ visit and purchase history at the point of sale, for a personalised approach based on sound business intelligence.

Tiered membership types

Reward loyalty
Fedelta Customer Loyalty supports multiple membership types, so you can apply different reward schemes and privileges to different member groups. Automatically promote your members to a gold or platinum tier when they accrue enough points.

Automated campaigns

Timely communication
Reach out to your members when it’s important to them with Fedelta’s automated marketing campaigns. Send email or SMS messages triggered by customer events such as a recent visit, a period of inactivity, or an upcoming special occasion.


Points-based rewards

Motivate your customers to visit more often and spend more each time with points earned toward future purchases.



Customer profiling

Business Intelligence dashboards chart your customers’ visiting and spending patterns, so you can tailor your service.

Member marketing

Send member-only deals, birthday offers, and invitations to inactive members, with triggered marketing campaigns.


Simple set-up

Customer Loyalty is easy to set up and maintain, free to use, and accessible through Backoffice or POS terminals.

  • Support available 24/7
  • 200+ onsite technicians

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