Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Data rich dashboards for simply smart decisions

Fedelta’s real-time business intelligence dashboards give you rapid insight into your business performance.


  • Team performance tracking
    Set hourly or daily sales targets and visually track your progress in real time with Fedelta’s flexible dashboards.
  • Customer profiling
    Understand your members’ spending habits and visiting frequency, so you can offer them the most personalised service.
  • Full-stack revenue
    Inventory costs, labour costs and stock shrinkage are tracked alongside your sales performance for a complete view of your business profitability.
  • Comparison charts
    Make your sales data more meaningful with intelligent inbuilt charting capabilities, including year-on-year and month-by-month comparisons.
  • Drill-down detail
    When the big picture doesn’t tell the whole story, drill down into the data for an individual product or point-of-sale terminal.
  • Role-specific dashboards
    Set up dashboard access specific to each staff role and location, so your employees’ screens aren’t cluttered by information they don’t need.
  • Loss prevention
    Discounts, voided items and transactions, and discrepancies are tracked in real-time loss prevention charts, so you can take early action.
  • Warning indicators
    Conditional highlighting gives a visual indication of your progress toward goals or warnings about approaching budgetary thresholds.

Real-time sales data

Closer look
Keep on top of your staffing and supply requirements to meet your customers’ demands, with real-time data across all outlets and locations. Feel confident making real-time decisions, knowing you’re backed up by business intelligence.


Work from anywhere
Whether you’re on your way to work or relaxing on holidays, you’ve got complete visibility of your business perfomance metrics. Simply log in to view Fedelta’s mobile-responsive BI dashboards from any internet-ready device.


KPI tracking

Monitor the metrics that matter to optimise your sales, inventory, and staffing for each store or region.


Full customisable

Focus on the right information and avoid distractions with dashboards customised for each staff access role.

Filtered insights

Preset and custom filters give you a clear picture of your performance metrics by date range, location, and outlet.


Access anywhere, any time

Access Fedelta’s cloud platform on your mobile device or computer to track your business metrics, wherever you are.

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