The evolution of payments

Fedelta Pay partners with leading banks and payment providers to give customers the best EFTPOS transaction rates, dynamic surcharging, rewards, features and customer support.

We make it easy to find the best deal

There should be more pricing transparency and business owners should also be rewarded

Reduced Costs

Pass on fees to your customers to reduce the costs that you are paying on your EFTPOS.

Market Comparison

Comparing the market shouldn’t be a battle. Fedelta continually leverages relationships to ensure you get the best offering.

Be Rewarded

Fedelta Pay rewards you by putting cash back in your pocket based on the volume of transactions each or use as a credit for Fedelta products and services.


Fee-free EFTPOS that actually rewards you

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    Zero-cost transactions through dynamic surcharging passed on to the customer
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    Next day settlements
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    Cashback rewards

Fedelta Pay Rewards

We work with suppliers to get the best rates and pass the savings back to our customers. You get money back in your pocket to further manage your business, or you can choose to use your rebates as credit for Fedelta Point of Sale products and services. Our rebates are calculated at the end of every month and paid directly to your nominated account within 30 days from the end of month.

Features you will love

Integrated Bar Tabs

Customers can cap their spend and keep their card in their pocket

No Locked Tills

Process transaction simultaneously

Take Home More

Discreet tipping feature makes it easy for a $ or % to be added

Easy & Quick On-the-go Payments

Customers can easily pay at table

Easy Split Bills

Never been easy for everyone to pay their own way

Currency Conversion

Support for up to 120 currencies

Best rates

We have partnered with industry leading payment providers to ensure you get the best technology at the best rates. Saving you time from calling around and allowing you to concentrate on what you do best!