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Tanda Integration Overview

The integration of Tanda and Fedelta brings a harmonious blend of workforce management and point-of-sale (POS) capabilities to businesses, revolutionizing how they manage employees and operations.

Seamlessly combining Tanda’s advanced employee scheduling, time tracking, and labor optimization features with Fedelta’s robust POS system, this integration empowers businesses to achieve seamless coordination. Real-time synchronization of employee data and shift schedules between Tanda and Fedelta ensures accurate tracking of hours worked and simplifies payroll processes.

Additionally, insights from Tanda’s labor analytics can be harnessed within Fedelta to make informed decisions about staffing levels and resource allocation. By aligning employee management with transaction data, businesses can streamline operations, control labor costs, and improve customer service.

The Tanda and Fedelta integration fosters a more efficient and cohesive business environment, where staffing needs seamlessly complement sales activities, resulting in enhanced productivity and overall success.


  • NO MANUAL ENTRY Fedelta will tell Tanda everything it needs to know about your sales to make accurate and enaging insights into your labor costs vs sales


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