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Wedderburn Integration Overview

The integration of Wedderburn and Fedelta establishes a powerful synergy that enhances the efficiency and precision of businesses in the hospitality and retail sectors. By seamlessly merging Wedderburn’s cutting-edge weighing, labeling, and point-of-sale (POS) solutions with Fedelta’s robust POS system, organizations can optimize their operations and customer experiences. This integration enables real-time synchronization of product information, pricing, and sales data between the two platforms, ensuring accurate and consistent transactions. For instance, product weights and prices captured by Wedderburn seamlessly transfer to the Fedelta POS, streamlining checkout processes and reducing errors.

The integration also enhances inventory management by tracking stock levels and automating replenishment based on sales data. Ultimately, the Wedderburn and Fedelta integration empowers businesses to deliver efficient and seamless transactions, improve order accuracy, and elevate customer satisfaction by providing a cohesive and streamlined retail or dining experience.


  • WEIGHT INTEGRATION Wedderburn’s weighing solutions seamlessly integrate with the POS system, allowing for accurate and automated pricing based on product weight.
  • PRICE CALCULATIONThe integrated system calculates prices based on weight and pricing information stored in the POS, ensuring consistency and accuracy during checkout.
  • INVENTORY MANAGEMENT The integration enables real-time synchronization of product data, helping businesses keep track of stock levels, update inventory records, and manage reordering efficiently.


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