Can QR codes help drive sales for your venue?

Published July 21, 2022 - 5 mins read

In the ever-changing landscape of the 2020s, the food service industry has been profoundly impacted by various disruptions, including a global pandemic, shifting social norms, supply chain complexities, and staff and produce shortages.

These challenges have pushed businesses to reevaluate their operations, leading to the rise of contactless, digital ordering as one way forward. Among the emerging technologies, mobile apps with QR code integration have significantly transformed the restaurant industry. In this article, we’ll explore the history and significance of QR codes, focusing on how they have influenced the food service business. Additionally, we’ll highlight the seamless integration of Fedelta’s Enterprise level point of sale with Chewzie’s innovative at-table ordering solution, demonstrating the power of technology in shaping the future of dining experiences.

Contactless ordering, powered by QR codes, offers customers the convenience of accessing a wide range of restaurant services directly from their mobile devices. QR codes, square-shaped barcodes capable of storing vast amounts of information, have revolutionised the way customers interact with menus, place orders, choose delivery options, make payments, and participate in loyalty programs. It’s a one-stop solution for enhancing the overall dining experience.

To fully understand the significance of QR codes, we need to look back at their origins. The first QR code was invented by Masahiro Hara, a Japanese engineer, in 1994. Initially developed to address inefficiencies in Toyota’s manufacturing processes, the QR code found its niche in the industrial sector but struggled to gain wider adoption beyond that.

However, with the advent of smartphones and their built-in QR code scanners, these little black-and-white squares experienced a renaissance. Major companies like Apple embraced QR codes, catapulting them into the mainstream. Nonetheless, the real tipping point for QR codes came during the COVID-19 pandemic, when health and safety concerns necessitated contactless solutions in all industries, including food service.

As businesses adapted to new hygiene practices, QR codes emerged as a lifeline for restaurants. Customers could access menus, place orders, schedule deliveries, and make payments while adhering to social distancing guidelines. Even as pandemic measures evolved, the preference for contactless ordering persisted.

The statistics paint a clear picture of QR codes’ impact on the restaurant industry. Over 33% of restaurants globally have integrated QR codes into their daily operations, and this number is expected to grow. The adoption is particularly significant among younger demographics, with 78% of millennials and 68% of Generation Z having embraced contactless ordering. It’s no longer a novelty; it’s a necessity to stay competitive.

This brings us to Fedelta’s Enterprise level point of sale, which seamlessly integrates with Chewzie’s at-table ordering solution. Fedelta’s advanced POS system enhances restaurant operations by providing a robust and user-friendly platform for managing orders, inventory, staff, and customer data. When combined with Chewzie’s innovative at-table ordering solution, the dining experience is elevated to new heights.

Through Fedelta’s integration with Chewzie, restaurants can offer high-quality visual menus that showcase enticing images of each dish, replacing traditional paper menus. The seamless synchronisation between POS and at-table ordering allows customers to browse, order, and pay directly from their mobile devices, creating an efficient and convenient experience.

Order flexibility is a cornerstone of customer satisfaction. With Chewzie’s at-table ordering, restaurants can cater to various preferences, whether it’s dine-in, pickup, or delivery. The QR code menu’s versatility ensures that customers have options that suit their needs.

Moreover, the integration allows restaurants to set up loyalty programs and offer enticing coupons and discounts through QR codes. This data-driven approach empowers businesses to capture valuable customer information, helping them tailor their offerings and drive repeat business.

QR codes have proven their value in transforming the restaurant industry. As contactless ordering becomes the norm, integrating QR codes into daily operations is no longer an option but a necessity for success. Fedelta’s Enterprise level point of sale, combined with Chewzie’s innovative at-table ordering solution, exemplifies the power of seamless technology integration in creating a superior dining experience. By embracing these advancements, food service businesses can future-proof their operations and meet the evolving demands of customers, ensuring a thriving and prosperous future in the ever-changing landscape of the industry.